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A world of doors

Choose the perfect door for you

Whatever your style, OTC DOORS dresses the house with durable and quality products, also designed for residential and public projects.


The continuous research in the creation of collections with high aesthetic and functional performances, allows OTC DOORS to offer a wide range of solutions able to satisfy any requirement:

the contemporary elegance of VENTIVENTI, the vibrant DUAL surfaces, the rustic touch of the GRAND DUCATO collection, the neat and timeless of OTELLO design, the sophisticated taste of the BUTTERFLY, TURANDOT and TOSCA varnish, the safety and versatility of the OTC DOORS SECURITY armoured doors and the ZEUS technology for fire-proof doors. 

A world of doors for those who love to furnish with the unmistakable taste of Made in Italy.


Coordinated interiors

Harmony and elegance are the basis of the concept proposed by OTC DOORS to coordinate the internal door with the rest of the doors of the house, whether they are armored, glass or custom-made doors.

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