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The matching game

Canvas and frame. Door and architrave.

In the COMPOSÉ collection the two elements acquire their own identity and dialogue with the interior architecture to always provide new furnishing solutions.

The infinite chromatic possibilities and the variable width make the architrave, and the related interfacing, take on a mediating role between the wall and the door: in the fun game of combinations it then becomes possible to enhance the 6 precious finishes framing them in their own frame or leaving them as the sole protagonists of the scene.

In the catalog of the COMPOSÉ collection it is possible to discover some of the infinite furnishing solutions that the combination of the dimensions and colors of the architraves and the 6 door finishes can generate.

In the example above, the Sahara finish of the full-height door and the use of the special 24 and 50 cm architraves transform the doors into a real furnishing element, forming a surface capable of enhancing an environment with taste and elegance.

The game of combinations is expressed in this image with a double meaning: in the wall in the foreground, the choice to use the color of the wall also for the architrave and the skirting board insulates and highlights the delicate Alpi finish of the doors of the armoured door and of the internal door. On the back wall, however, the sliding internal wall harmonises with the rest of the white surface thanks to the choice of using architraves and skirting boards with a coordinated colour.

In the image above the line formed by the architrave and the skirting board is used to connect the armoured door with internal panel in Luna finish and the glass door Swing tweed from the collection Riflessi by OTC DOORS.

With the COMPOSÉ collection the vast range of OTC DOORS internal doors is expanded to always provide new solutions dedicated to the element that has always constituted the element of union between architecture and interior design.

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