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Why choose a glass door

Transparent or satin, decorated or neutral, a refined piece of furniture capable of giving a touch of personality to an environment, a glass door is also a functional solution that often brilliantly solves complicated situations within our homes.

Diffuse the light

A glass door allows light to spread through the rooms, illuminating even the darkest corners and giving the house a more welcoming and comfortable look.

Visually merge or separate environments

The possibility of using transparent or frosted glass, with or without decorations, then allows you to choose whether to visually combine or separate the rooms.

Illuminate a corridor with natural light

Think of an internal corridor without windows: inserting a glass decorated on a satin base in a door, for example in that of the bathroom, allows you to naturally illuminate the corridor while maintaining the necessary privacy.

In the new Riflessi collection by OTC DOORS you can discover numerous solutions to furnish your home with the fascinating magic of glass.

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